English: Bjergager Sunville

The Living Mystery

Our community is called “Bjergager Solby,” which literally translates into “Mountfield Sunville,” as “bjerg” means mountain and “ager” is a field. Bjergager Solby is very hard to pronounce in English, so we also refer to it in english as the Oberion center.

Art, politics, storytelling and businessdevelopment are all important parts of our work and purpose. We have created “The House of Avalon” in the barn with 750 sqm newly renovated facilities with many possibilities. Our goal is to create a living Sunville with passionate and dedicated inhabitants and businesses that reflect a new holistic mindset.

Become a part of creating a new reality

If you have an adventurous heart, and seek make a difference, we are looking for souls who are ready to face themselves and take for their life at a deeper level.

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